Odoo survey


Grow with feedback


Know what they're thinking about

Compose a survey that fits your exact needs

Customize it's design for it to be attractive

Send the participation invite directly to the respondents e-mail

Analyze the answers in real time

Fix typos right in the survey

Add as many questions and ask as many answers as you want - there are no limits

All of the responses are saved in the system

Translate the survey to as many languages as needed

Odoo survey

Selctons - each question can have a single answer or a selection.

Numbers - allow only numeric responses (age, year of birth etc).

Matrix - let there be ratings on a scale for multiple manufacturer.

Predefined fields - allow a field to contain an e-mail or a date.

Custom text fields - provide the freedom to use their own words.

  • Each question can be optional or mandatory.

  • Grade selections and test peoples knowledge.

  • Allow comments and notes.

  • Divide the survey to pages.

  • Collect answers from logged in users only.

  • Possibility to pause and continue later from where you left of.