Odoo projects


Simple project managing


Organize and schedule, plan and analyse

Fully mobile friendly environment. Keep yourself updated wherever you are

Customize processes according to your company needs and name every stage just as you want

Group tasks by their relevance, content, responsible, deadline or any other indicator

Use calendar view to have a clear overview of your projects. Drag tasks to other dates if needed

You can have as many tasks on your hand at the same time

Manage project related document all in one place


Filters - search and find tasks and contacts using filters. Use multi level grouping.

Timeline - check the deadlines in a handy timeline view.

Graphs - analyse on going projects by their state, responsible, notes or other values.

Planned hours - add planned hours to a task. Later you can see what was the real time consumed to make more precise plans.

Issues - manage your client contacts from one place and reply to them right there.

Automation   - determine automatic actions like e-mail notifications on stage changes.

Notifications - decide when you want to be notified or when an employee shoud receive a notification.