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Be connected to your community


Questions, answers, discussions

All of the discussions are found with the search engine

Give your visitors what they need

Increase satisfaction with tips and guides

Award users with different badges like "Teacher", "Critic" or "Student"

Add relevant category's and sub category's

Define rules and make sure users stick to them by editing or deleting posts

Odoo forum

Account - Anyone can create an account to ask or answer questions.

Editing - users can edit their posts anytime.

Sharing - posts can include links, videos or images just as the user wishes.

Notifications - you can mark the subject you are interested in and you will be notified when anything new is submitted.

Promotions - pin popular subjects or best rated answers to the top of the page to make them more visible.

Rating - all the userscan rate the answers good or bad so the better ones would be more visible.

Comments - questions can be commented and the admin can convert answers to comments if it's more appropriate.

Guides - upgrade best questions and answers to guides on the FAQ page.

Sort - all of the content can be sorted by posting date, most recent activity, most rated etc.

Images - add images to your posts without the need to upload it somewhere before.

Levels - promote the users to different levels depending on their activity or other predefined terms.